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A burning question for all video content creators, what is the best camera for YouTube? Well, outside of the obvious choices, let’s take a look.

Getting into YouTube has always been pretty easy since its inception in 2005. The rise and fall of Flip cameras in the face of everyone getting a decent HD or 4K camera in their pocket, has seen video or photo apps explode in popularity.

With popular content creators like Markiplier and PewDiePie, all including ‘face cams’ in their videos, the need to get a decent-looking webcam or camera is now imperative. Even those that don’t do ‘let’s plays’, but do on-camera discussions or full production videos, you’ll begin to notice the increase in quality since everyone has begun to follow suit.

By ‘full production’, we mean video creators like Scott the Woz, NitroRad, and The Angry Video Game Nerd. This doesn’t mean that you have to be investing in anything like the Komodo or RED cameras (seriously, Linus, you don’t need them), but we’d recommend grabbing a decent camera that you can shoot 4K video with and watching a couple of lighting tutorials.

Whether you’re just looking for something that you can point at your face while you play games or something to harness to become the next Nostalgia Critic or person in front of their gaming shelf, these are the best cameras for YouTube in 2022.


Best webcams for YouTube videos

Webcams aren’t the same as they used to be. The immense quality of some of the more expensive options is too much to pass up when discussing the best cameras for YouTube. While the age of sitting at your computer desk, filming at 15FPS to argue with someone in the comments has been dead for years, webcams got really good in that time.

This is due to the global health crisis introducing working from home as a genuine business avenue, as well as the rise in streaming.

Depending on the type of content you want to serve, webcams are now a totally viable choice to use. Heck, you could even become one of the biggest things online with a webcam. Just look how low-quality xQc’s streams are. You can best his stuff with a few of our recommendations.

Best HD webcam for YouTube: Logitech Streamcam

If you’re streaming or making let’s plays, you’re not going to be doing so at any higher than 1080p, 60FPS. While YouTube supports up to 8K video, you’re not going to do yourself any …….


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