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Logitech’s Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones are designed to meet the evolving needs of hybrid workers.

The company says the new webcams and headphones bring “quality, style, affordability, and sustainability” to employees who are working in a remote environment.

The products follow a recent Logitech survey that shows more than 89% of work-from-home employees struggle with camera angles, poor lighting and field-of-view limitations due to built-in laptop cameras.

Scott Wharton, general manager of Logitech Video Collaboration, said: “Many remote and hybrid workers are still underequipped and grappling with pre-pandemic era solutions.

“Our innovative new genre of Brio webcams and Zone Vibe headphones answer the call of modern workers who need business-grade quality, style, and affordability for work and play.

“Transformational features like Brio’s Show Mode open up new sharing opportunities for teachers, designers, and architects to easily present physical objects, notes, and sketches remotely over video.”

The Brio 500 series comprises of the Brio 500 and the Brio 505, which aim to solve the most common video conferencing challenges.

Logitech has stated the Brio 500 introduces the Show Mode feature to give the user the ability to share sketches or other physical objects on their desk.

The cameras feature a mounting system and a built-in sensor to allow users to tilt the camera down to focus on objects, as well as the built-in RightLigth 4 to improve poor lighting automatically.

The Brio series is plug-and-play and compatible with the most prominent video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.

The Brio 505 comes with Logitech Sync integration to allow IT admins to update firmware and troubleshoot problems for hybrid teams.

According to Logitech, the Zone Vibe series is the first wireless headphones on the market to combine business-grade performance with “comfort, style, and affordability” as the devices feature knitted fabric and memory foam.

The series includes the Zone Vibe 100, Zone Vibe 125, and the Zone Vibe Wireless, with the lightweight 0ver-the-ear headphones weighing 6.5 ounces.

Logitech says the Brio 500 webcam series, along with the Zone Vibe 100 and 125 headphones, will be available worldwide from September 2022, with the Zone Vibe Wireless headset available from December.

The retail price for the Brio 500 webcam series is $129, with the Zone Vibe 100 costing $99.99 and the Zone Vibe 125 and Zone Vibe Wireless set at $129.99.



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